Custom Synthesis

Specialist in chemical synthesis with decades of practical experience and millions of compounds produced, UORSY offers fast and cost-efficient synthesis of:

  • Building blocks, scaffolds, and other intermediate compounds in gram to kilogram scale. We have mastered versatile technologies in chemical synthesis including ozonolysis, hydrogenation under high pressure, fluorination with SF4, DAST, and other fluorinating agents, flow chemistry, asymmetric synthesis using chiral catalyst and chiral auxiliary groups, etc.
  • Compound libraries either based on your design or on our templates. We have over 90,000 building blocks in stock allowing us to offer extremely short synthesis times and lowest possible prices per compound delivered. If you are interested in synthesis of analogues of your hit compounds we will be happy to elaborate and propose you a program for lead generation.
  • Larger amounts of hit compounds. If you have a hit compound (not necessarily from our screening collection) we can readily re-synthesize it in a bigger amount (usually in several grams) and maximum purity (97-98%+).
  • Reference standards for biological research. Following patent procedures might be tricky but we can handle the most challenging synthesis targets and it’s not rare that alternative synthesis routes are designed and successfully realized.
  • Impurity reference standards. Besides tackling the synthesis task we can also advise on tentative structures of impurities found in your product.
  • Coordination compounds and nanomaterials.

Our primary business model is fee-for-service. In case you accept our quotation which we thoroughly prepare within 2-3 days and issue a purchase order, we will invoice you only after your confirmation of safe receipt of the requested compound in your laboratory and confirmation of its due amount and quality.  We absorb all the risks of failure in synthesis: you do not incur any expenses if we fail to synthesize the target product.

Clear communication of the synthesis progress is our strength. Interim progress reports are provided biweekly. Whenever necessary project manager deliver further details and discuss results at TC’s.

All IP which we can generate during performance of custom synthesis services on your request belongs to you. We have necessarily set of agreement templates such as CDA (Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement), MSA (Master Service Agreement), and PSA (Project Service Agreement). We will collaborate and help you to file a patent application or prepare a publication. Final report including synthesis procedures and analytical data (LCMS and NMR) will be provided upon completion of the synthesis service.


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