Unlimited discovery opportunities

Building Blocks

For more than 15 years, UORSY have been acquiring an ultimate knowledge of synthetic organic chemistry. This has allowed us to create a pool of
15 000 000 synthetically accessible chemical building blocks.

Screening Compounds

In-stock library comprises more than 600 000 compounds. More than 85% of our collection has drug-like physicochemical profiles, and more than 35% – satisfy lead-like requirements.

UORSY compounds

Structure search in UORSY Screening and Fragments.
Available options: Exact match, Substructure and Similarity Search.
Try also PhysChem Filters and
Search by ID!

Fragments and
Targeted Libraries

7 fragment-like in-stock subsets of UORSY Screening and
28 in-stock targeted libraries; available for hit follow-up and cherry picking.
Preparation of a library of your interest is possible as well.


Custom synthesis of building blocks, compound libraries, reference standards for biological research and impurity reference standards.
Your questions and requests are always welcome!
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