UORSY New Generation Screening Library

The Escape from Flatland is a determining concept in modern drug discovery. It provides an efficient approach to increase drug permeability, recognition and to decrease toxicity through sp3-enrichment. Despite importance of the notion, most collections of screening compounds are overrepresented with the “flat” molecules (average Fsp3 is 0.32):

last updated March 2019

The Escape from Flatland concept has significantly shaped our library synthesis plans inspiring synthesis of new building blocks and scaffolds. We have designed a revolutionary collection of lead-like molecules of exceptional structural quality and diversity – New Generation Screening Library (NGSL). The novel cores have been decorated with interesting building blocks, incorporating important pharmacophoric fragments, e.g. peptidic bond, amino and hydroxyl groups.

UORSY New Generation Screening Library:

  • Unique, diverse, lead-like molecules
  • Rigid, sp3-enriched motives
  • Valuable pharmacophores

Physicochemical profiles of New Generation Screening Library:

 200<MW<400, -1<cLogP<4, 50<TPSA<120, HbA≤6, HbD≤3, RotB≤6, 0.3<Fsp3.

Small selections from NGSL (up to 250 compounds) can be delivered within only 2-3 weeks. Larger selections will require 4-6 weeks for synthesis.

The library is also available in 3D and is suitable for vHTS.

For more information, please contact us at screenlibs@uorsy.com

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