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Featured Subsets
  • UORSY Screening Compounds — last updated January 2022

UORSY Screening Compounds (SDF in .zip archive) UORSY New Generation Screening Library (SDF in .zip archive)

UORSY Screening Compounds 5k Diversity Set (SDF in .zip archive) UORSY Screening Compounds 10k Diversity Set (SDF in .zip archive) UORSY Screening Compounds 20k Diversity Set (SDF in .zip archive)

  • Targeted Libraries — last updated July 2019

Agrochemical (SDF in .zip archive)Antibacterial Library (SDF in .zip archive)Antiviral Library (SDF in .zip archive)Autophagy Library (SDF in .zip archive)CNS-permeable Compounds Library (SDF in .zip archive)Covalent Modifiers (SDF in .zip archive)DCLK1 modulators (SDF in .zip archive)DYRK1A/B Modulator Library (SDF in .zip archive)Kinase inhibitors (SDF in .zip archive)GPCR modulators (SDF in .zip archive)Hedgehog Pathway Modulators Library (SDF in .zip archive)Hippo pathway modulators (SDF in .zip archive)Ion channel modulators (SDF in .zip archive)Macrocyclic Scaffolds (SDF in .zip archive)Mixed Shapes Library (SDF in .zip archive)PPI Modulators Library (SDF in .zip archive)Protease Inhibitors Library (SDF in .zip archive)SARMs Library (SDF in .zip archive)Saturated Compounds Library (SDF in .zip archive)SERMs Library (SDF in .zip archive)SH2 Domain Modulators Library (SDF in .zip archive)Steroid-like Library (SDF in .zip archive)Transporters Modulators Library (SDF in .zip archive)Tubulin Inhibitors Library (SDF in .zip archive)Wnt pathway Modulators Library (SDF in .zip archive)

Lead-like Compounds 10k (SDF in .zip archive)Lead-like Compounds 20k (SDF in .zip archive)Lead-like Compounds 30k (SDF in .zip archive)

Unique Compounds Library 1k (SDF in .zip archive)Unique Compounds Library 10k (SDF in .zip archive)Unique Compounds Library 30k (SDF in .zip archive)

  • Fragment Libraries — last updated July 2019

Covalent Fragments (SDF in .zip archive)F-fragments (SDF in .zip archive)Fragments with Solubility (SDF in .zip archive)General Fragments (SDF in .zip archive)Shaped Fragments (SDF in .zip archive)Saturated Fragments (SDF in .zip archive)Selected Fragments (SDF in .zip archive, 0.3 Kb)

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