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The common question researchers are facing is: “How to synthesize the designed molecule?” Virtual libraries, presented by pharmaceutical companies in recent publications, seem promising. These compounds, however, are proprietary and mostly unavailable for the general public and even if they are, the difficulties emerge because of not established reaction protocols or lack of starting materials.

Supporting numerous drug discovery projects for over 15 years, UORSY has acquired an ultimate knowledge in synthetic organic chemistry.

This practical knowledge has been applied to available reagents affording a database of tangible medicinal chemistry relevant building blocks.

UORSY Tangible Building Blocks Arrays creation

UORSY Tangible Building Blocks:

  • Highly feasible (more than 76 % success rate): validated chemistry and validated reagents only
  • Dynamic: the library grows as more newly synthesized reagents included
  • Fixed price

UORSY Tangible Building blocks are searchable online on Chem-Space (www.chem-space.com), a representative set is available for download. Also, we have extracted 24 popular medchem classes from the representative set. The classes are available for download as separate libraries.

To discover our Tangible Building Blocks Sets, please click here.

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UORSY Tangible Building Blocks: Classes diagram

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