Absence of fluorine in natural background has pushed exploration of F-containing fragments and enabled simple screening protocols: 19F NMR-based fragment screening has been a useful tool for hit detection and further optimization.1

At UORSY, we have created a library of fluorine fragments that contains compounds with favorable physicochemical profiles and unique motifs (Figure 1). The library complies with “Rule of 3” and recently introduced criteria.2


Figure 1. Solubility analysis (left) and similarity analysis (right) of UORSY F fragments.


Physicochemical profiles of UORSY F fragments:

122<MW<300;   HbA≤3;   HbD≤2;   logP≤4;   RotBonds≤3.

UORSY F fragments are available in stock and could be delivered within 2 weeks in any customer-preferred format: as powders, dry films or DMSO solutions formatted in vials, 96 or 384-well plates. All compounds have a minimum purity of 90% assessed by 1H NMR; analytical data is provided. For more information, please contact us at screenlibs@uorsy.com

1 Vulpetti, A.; Dalvit, C., ChemMedChem 2013, 8, 2057–2069.
2 Jordan, J.et al,  J. Med. Chem. 2012, 55, 678–687.

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