UORSY Protease Inhibitors

Protease inhibitors prevent proteolytic degradation and are predominantly known as antiviral agents (hepatitis, HIV/AIDS). Unfortunately, both AIDS and hepatitis have continued their unrelenting spread around the world and drug discovery search for the cure continues. Here, we offer a library designed to serve as a starting point for medicinal chemistry projects related to developing protease inhibitors. The library is a result of a ligand-based approach along with additional filtering to remove PAINS and “overused” substances.

Physicochemical profiles of UORSY protease inhibitors:

200<MW<500; 1<HbA<8; 0<HbD<3; -1.2<logP<5; 1<RotBonds<7; TPSA<130.

UORSY protease inhibitors are available in stock and could be delivered within 2 weeks in any customer-preferred format: as powders, dry films or DMSO solutions formatted in vials, 96 or 384-well plates. All compounds have a minimum purity of 90% assessed by 1H NMR; analytical data is provided.

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